Your baby has now reached the 1-pound mark and measures about 11 inches long.  You may be smaller or larger than other people that are 23 weeks pregnant, but what is important is that you have steady growth and that you are taking care of yourself.

This week your baby’s nostrils will open and the enamel that will cover baby’s teeth is forming.  Surfactant, which is a substance that helps the lungs expand after birth, has begun to develop and the air sacs inside the lungs are growing.

All the nerve cells are all in place now and will begin to join together to fully form a nervous system.  Baby is moving around a lot now, and you’re probably feeling the full force of their movements.  This daily movement helps them work out their developing muscles. 

Keep eating a healthy diet, including calcium and iron.  Your baby’s bones are absorbing calcium as quickly as they can so they can be strong and healthy at birth.  Fat is continuing to accumulate, but the skin still appears very wrinkly.  Once your baby has filled out a little the skin will appear less loose.

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