Your baby weighs about 13 ounces now and measures about 9 inches long.  They are very thin, but completely developed at this point!  Fat will continue to accumulate from here on out as your baby packs on the pounds getting ready for birth.

The bones inside the ears are hardening and so their hearing becomes more clear.  They can distinguish between different sounds such as your voice and heartbeat.  Eyes are developed now, but there isn’t any pigment in the colored part.  Teeth buds appear beneath the gum line and the lips are completely developed and distinct from the rest of the face.

Lungs are developing.  Right now, the lungs cannot transfer oxygen to the bloodstream, but by birth the lungs will be ready.  The senses continue to develop at this time and your baby may experiment with touch by stroking their own face.  White blood cells are forming now so that your baby can help fight illness and infections.

The pancreas and liver are developing now.  The pancreas produces hormones and the liver breaks down bilirubin, a substance produced by red blood cells.  Hand strength is very good now and the skin is pink and wrinkly.  As the baby gains more weight the skin will become less transparent and wrinkled.

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