Your baby now weighs about 9 ½ ounces and measures about 6 ½ inches long.  You’re halfway through your pregnancy and baby is very active by now!  Over the next few weeks the baby will move so much that it may be hard to sleep.  This will continue until it gets very crowded for the baby.  Babies that are born at 20 weeks have a 50% chance of survival.

From now until your little one is about five years old the brain is developing very quickly.  Nerve cells that have already developed are making complex connections and sensory perception development peaks this week.

Little boy’s testes will begin dropping from the pelvis into the scrotum.  Legs have getting close to the final length and are very proportionate at this point.  The skeleton is getting harder and the hands are getting stronger.  Babies will blink more now and the lunago (fine hair that covers the body) is very thick around the head, neck and face.  Hair on the scalp is growing as well.

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