During this week your baby will undergo a growth spurt and is about ¼ inch long.  The embryo looks a bit like a tadpole.  The first movements will take place halfway through this week, although you will not be able to feel the movement until sometime in your second trimester.  The amniotic sac has completely formed and the baby is moving around inside this sac.

Nostrils are beginning to form and the neural tube that connects the brain and spinal cord will close this week.  The skeleton is formed.  The appendix is in place and intestines are developing.  At this point, brain hemispheres have formed and brain waves can be recorded. The heart has four separate chambers and the heartbeat will soon become more regular.

A cluster of cells that will become the reproductive organs has formed and, if you are having a son, a penis will form.  Mammary glands begin to mature and the pituitary, which controls the growth hormones for other organs, begins to form.

You’ve been pregnant for a month now and you may start to notice your body changing.  Your clothing might feel a little tight.  If this is your first pregnancy, this may not happen until later.  You might be very sensitive to the smell of food and other certain things.  Avoiding these smells can help you overcome morning sickness, if this has been a problem.

This is a critical time in your baby’s development!  Make sure you are making healthy diet choices and avoiding cigarettes, alcohol and other drugs.  Check with your health practitioner about what over-the-counter medications are safe for you to take during pregnancy.

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