Your first week of pregnancy is actually begins the first day of your last period.  At this point, you are not pregnant, but this is when the counting begins!  What this means is that at conception, your fetus is already considered 2 weeks old.

While you are trying to get pregnant you should take very good care of your body.  Most experts suggest you increase your folic acid intake to about 400 micrograms (0.4 milligrams) every day.  You should begin this increase at least one month before conception and for three months after conception.  This important vitamin is vital in the development of the fetus, helping to prevent neural tube and other birth defects.  Additionally, you may want to avoid caffeine, keep a healthy, balanced diet and try to get some moderate exercise.

To figure your due date you should count 40 weeks (or 280 days).  You can count back from the first day of your last period by three months and add 7 days.  So, if you last period started on June 12th your due date would be March 19th.

In just 40 short weeks you’re child will have grown from a single cell into a wonderful, fully formed infant!  Good luck on your journey.

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