A “Birth Ball” is typically a physiotherapy ball identical or similar to ones used in physical therapy treatments.  These devices may be found in a hospital or recommended by your physician.  You can also purchase your own, generally for under $25.

A birth ball may relieve discomfort during pregnancy by providing a firm yet soft place to sit, and by forcing good posture.  A birth ball can be used when you are experiencing “back labor.”  It can be used to relieve backache or pelvis pressure during pregnancy.  You may find it much easier to get on and off a birth ball than getting in and out of a chair or couch.  This is particularly true during those last few weeks of pregnancy.

Although studies are nearly non-existent on the subject, it is possible that a birth ball may aid in the turning of the baby in preparation for labor.  Some hospitals use birth balls in conjunction with mild anesthesia to help relieve discomfort or pain during labor.

Some women use a birth ball after delivery to help firm and tone lower muscles.  Often the birth ball is transformed into a child’s toy after its use during pregnancy. 

What is a Birth Ball?