Stretch marks are an all-too-common occurrence sometime during pregnancy.  The rapid weight gain during pregnancy causes stretch marks when the skin is stretched.  About ninety percent of pregnant women can expect to develop stretch marks according to some industry experts.  However, there is one positive about stretch marks.  Many pregnant women who get stretch marks during pregnancy can often see their stretch marks fading away, naturally, after the birth of their baby.  However, this is not always the case. 

There are some things that may help to keep stretch marks to a minimum.  A healthy and regular exercise regime during pregnancy may help.  There are many topical creams and ointments such as hydroxyl creams and topical Retina-A that can temporarily improve the appearance of some stretch marks.  You should not use any of the prescription creams during your pregnancy without consulting a doctor.  Although creams may have a temporary effect on stretch marks, genetics seem to play the biggest role on whether or not a pregnant woman will get stretch marks.

There are, however, ways to try to get rid of stretch marks.  Some plastic surgeons will propose the use of lasers to fade stretch marks.  This works by burning off the top layers of scarred skin, with very little pain and no bleeding.  While this form of laser treatment of stretch marks is far from an industry standard, the technique is definitely gaining in popularity.

Makeup, is still considered the fastest and most affordable method to cover up (not get rid) of your stretch marks.  Some women have found that mixing two shades of foundation that are the closes to your own skin color will have the most effect on hiding the stretch marks.

Will these stretch marks go away after my baby is born?